Goanna x Dequency

feat. Milky Chance

Al Goanna has teamed up with Dequency for their first ever motion graphic, audiovisual NFT release. These limited edition pieces feature the music of Milky Chance and will be available in an exclusive auction.

Goanna has brought together some of the most exciting Australian digital and street artists while Dequency has got clearance from international touring band, Milky Chance, for the use of their track “I am Lost.” 

The artists have been given free reign to reimagine the iconic Goanna character in their own style inspired by the song. These graphic interpretations have then been brought to life by different motion graphic specialists. 

The NFTs will be auctioned during the Decipher ‘22 event with 25% of the proceeds going towards the Milky Chance forest via organisation Wilderness International.  


ASA ID:958459916


Lost Goanna 008

Illustration of The Lost Goanna by artist mLON

ASA ID:958459530


Lost Goanna 007

Illustration of The Lost Goanna by mLON

ASA ID:958458423


Lost Goanna 006

Animated clip of The Lost Goanna featuring music by Milky Chance. Illustration by mLON. Animation by Caleb Hutchinson.

ASA ID:958457623


Lost Goanna 005

Illustration by Inkhunter interpreting The Lost Goanna in a nautical environment.

ASA ID:958457294


Lost Goanna 004

Illustration by Inkhunter interpreting The Lost Goanna in a nautical environment.

ASA ID:958456684


Lost Goanna 003

Animated clip of nautical illustration set to music by Milky Chance. Illustration by Inkhunter. Animation by Sebastien Phillips.

ASA ID:958454919


Lost Goanna 002

Static illustration interpreting The Lost Goanna in Brentos’ singature whimsical style and color pallete.

ASA ID:958454533


Lost Goanna 001

Animated loop by Sydney artist Brentos. This work interprets The Lost Goanna in his whimsical style in his signature color palette.


Brentos is an Australian illustrator, muralist and author from Sydney who’s signature art style is inspired by Australian wildlife and long summers at the beach with an overarching mission to support Australian wildlife rescue and rehabilitation efforts. His style swings from a mature, psychedelic pastel punk theme that can be seen in murals in bars, breweries and airports across Australia to a more family friendly, almost whimsical style that can be enjoyed in his newly published book ‘Australia From Dawn to Dusk’.

When Brent began selling art in 2015, it started as a hobby where he’d donate his profits to WIRES. What started as a hobby soon grew into a small business that today still supports wildlife and has raised over $45,000 for wildlife rescue and rehabilitation efforts through various fundraising campaigns and collaborations.


Patrick Hunter, a.k.a InkHunter is a street artist from Sydney, Patrick specialises in large-scale murals, installations, and purpose-driven artworks.

As a third-generation artist, Patrick has crafted his own unique approach to storytelling through street art by breaking away from traditional art forms and conventions taught to him by his mother and grandmother that has now moved into all news spaces to keep this story telling process alive for positive change.

Growing up on the Northern Beaches in close proximity to nature, Patrick became increasingly concerned about the impact and threat human activity has upon the environment. This has been reflected in the style and themes seen in many of his artworks.

A firm believer that art can be used as a visual medium to effect change, Patrick is interested in using all public realms for artworks to engage and inspire the community to make sustainable choices. His environmental artworks are at times intentionally vague, to enable his audience to make their own interpretations and draw their own conclusions.

Patrick previously worked with Goanna to produce the NFT tickets for the 2021 Decipher event in Miami.


Miguel Gonzalez (M-Lon) is an Australian born in Caracas, Venezuela. Architect, illustrator and visual artist Miguel’s work is usually hand to hand with a deep social undertone.

Since his arrival in Australia in 2013 many indoor and outdoor walls already have his signature and his figurative yet conceptual style. His experience is also shown through commercial illustration, art for video-games, concept art for the TV industry and has been part of national and international collective and solo exhibitions. 

Miguel is one half of Kayapa Creative Studio and also one of the Co-founders of La Crème Creative Inc. and Brookvale Arts District.

He’s been involved in several NFT series and is best known for his contribution to the Los Malandros (LMNDR) collection.




Caleb Hutchinson is a Brisbane based Designer, Illustrator, Animator and skateboarder. He was the first artist to collaborate on the Art Goanna series during his time at Algopulse. He is currently freelancing and working on an exciting new NFT project.

Caleb provided the motion graphics to bring mLongs illustration to life.


Seb provided the motion graphics to bring Inkhunters nutical illustration to life.




Milky Chance are a German folk and rock duo from Kassel in Germany, consisting of vocalist Clemens Rehbein and musician Philipp Dausch, both of whom are also DJ’s. Their musical influences combine reggae with electronic and pop and folk genres to make their own original sound.

The German pair met at secondary school at the Jacob Grimm Schule in Kassel. During their school years they bonded and were both in a jazz quartet named Flown Tones. Clemens played the bass guitar and Philipp was the guitarist. However, the group broke up after their drummer decided to leave. Clemens and Philip decided to keep making music together and found a style of their own, a sound they describe as ‘elegant electronic production’.
The German school friends are signed to record label Lichtdicht Records which is based in their home town of Kassel. With the help of the record label, Milky Chance went on to record and then release their debut album “Sadnecessary” in 2013.
After the success of their album, the pair turned their skills to YouTube and decided to upload their first single “Stolen Dance” to see what reaction it would get. The single contains bright handclaps and plaintive acoustic guitars, which consequently led to the song becoming a viral sensation around the world. The song has reached over 1billion streams on Spotify, and the rest is history.




Dequency is a decentralized music licensing marketplace for web3 audiovisual productions.

By removing the middlemen, Dequency facilitates a peer-to-peer transaction directly between music rightsholders and licensees of audiovisual projects. Unlike other online synchronization licensing solutions, control is given back to the music rightsholders by allowing them to set their own fees, retain approval rights, and *coming soon* customize the terms of their sync contracts.

Transactions on the Algorand blockchain happen within seconds, so payments are rendered instantly and without large transaction fees.

Dequency believes in the power of blockchain tech to facilitate the creation of more art, music, and collaboration. Learn more at




Goanna is the brand behind the two highest grossing NFT projects on the Algorand blockchain. The project is changing the narrative on NFTs and demonstrating that they can be a force for good and drive significant real world impacts. 

They launched with a simple mission of planting one tree for each NFT created. This has now been spun out into Algorand’s first dedicated Impact Fund, The Gilbert Goanna Tree Planting Fund. The Fund has now planted just shy of 200,000 Trees and has over 500,000A in AUM. 

The project is pioneering community ownership and the recently formed Goanna DAO brings together the most empowered community group of early Algorand collectors. 

As a creative outlet and to expand the brands offering they developed the Art Goanna series, an open ended collection that is intended for creative expression. It was originally created to allow curated collaborations with artists interpreting the Goanna in their own unique style.